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    About JOFO

    JOFO Group specializes in the research,development and production of high-tech nonwoven materials, and develops biomass energy and low-carbon industrial parks.

    With efficient R & D capabilities, fast customer response mechanism and strong capabilities in providing personalized products, solutions and services, JOFO is a reliable partner for the companies in pursuit of innovative products.

    With solid industrial value chain, rich experience, strong sense of social responsibility and superior product performance and value, JOFO realizes its goals and vision, and becomes the supplier of many customers.

     Our Presence in Industry Organizations

    As a global leading supplier of nonwoven materials, JOFO has participated in the following industry organizations:
    ChinaNonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association                              Vice-chairman Unit
    AsiaNonwoven Fabrics Association                                                         Director Unit
    Spun-bonded and Melt-blown Nonwovens Industry Association       Chairman Unit
    GuangdongNonwovens Association                                                        Vice-chairman Unit
    Hong KongNonwovens Association                                                         Vice-chairman
    SyntheticFiber Information Center                                                             Director Unit
    Chinese Technical Association on Geosynthetics                                 Member Unit

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